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Gypsy Movements

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After the fall of communism, the Roma (Gypsies), Europe’s largest and poorest ethnic minority group began a civil rights movement. An American from small-town New England, Jud Nirenberg became one of the Romani movement’s key personalities, working for a fledgling Romani political party, running billionaire George Soros’ charitable support of the movement and working as the right hand to each of the movement’s most charismatic figures as they rose up, taking one another’s places in the dawn of Eastern Europe’s freedom.
Gypsy Movements, a novel closely based on Nirenberg’s own experience brings the reader inside a human rights struggle in new and shaky democracies, following Roma leaders from late-night parties in Budapest to the refugee camps where UN officials deny their guests news of home for fear of rioting. Here is the truth about flawed people aspiring toward the noblest goals.
The book includes essays and commentary from Romani thought leaders such as Valeriu Nicolae.
“[Nirenberg] makes a significant contribution to Romani communal memory with realism and wit, without losing his grounding or honest engagement with the movement.” – Rebekah Klein-Pejsova, Professor, Purdue University
“ easy and critical ride giving testimony of historical moments of the Romani movement in Europe. It touches upon the celebrities among Romani leadership and their will and failures to bring hope and change to their own people. This is an insider book mirroring events, unlimited leadership egos and a competitive attitude which could be viewed as reasons why change among Roma did not happen yet…contributes to the understanding that Romani leaders never thought of putting Roma issues into a mainstream context. Instead they were caring about their Romani audience and a Romani politics based on emotion, and very little about narrative and proposals for self-sustained Romani leadership. Interestingly enough, the author describes also the inability of the Romani leaders to work as a team and the inability to deal with people and provide respect for their most important assistants.”-Martin Demirovski, former European Parliament staffer and Romani issues advocate

“Jud Nirenberg is a respected consultant, public speaker, author and interpreter of the Romani quest for empowerment…[while an] electronic book may arouse doubts about its value as an academic resource, this work delivers plenty of interesting insights and observations…iconoclastic exploration of a sensitive topic”

Romani Studies, 2016

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