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Romani Politics in Contemporary Europe

This book, released by Palgrave in 2010, explores Romani political participation in both eastern and western Europe and contributes to a more nuanced empirical and theoretical understanding of the emerging political space that over 8 million Roma occupy within an expanding European Union. Find it on Amazon, through Palgrave or at some university bookshops.

Nirenberg, as a co-author of this essay collection, shares a unique view of the history of political leadership in Romani culture and how it may have a continued influence on the habits of those people and institutions that aim today to speak on behalf of Roma.

Of interest to anyone studying or working in civil or human rights, this book is essential to those who seek to understand Europe’s largest and arguably most marginalized ethnic minority.

Nirenberg’s other writings on Romani issues include op-ed pieces in publications across Europe such as the Prague Post, Romano Kurko and Romano Nevo Lil. He has been a guest lecturer on Roma at the US State Department’s Foreign Service Institute and has been interviewed on television in the United States, Australia, Hungary and Macedonia.

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